Are you ready for university?

Need preparatory courses to meet university entrance requirements? Unilearn offers a range of online foundation courses to help you get into the university program of your choice. Our courses are accredited by universities across Australia. Whether you live in Australia or are an International student, Unilearn can help you reach your goals.

We would like to hear from you about how Unilearn has provided you with the knowledge you needed now to be successful. Share your success in pictures or videos with us and be featured on our Unilearn website and in our advertising.

Unilearn can help you meet university prerequisites through our range of distance education online foundation courses. These online foundation courses are preparatory units that typically require a full 12 months of intense study to finish. Students capable of accelerated learning may be able to complete the course in less time.

Online foundation courses require a minimum of 18 weeks to complete for qualified students who can devote at least 15 hours per weeks to study and are designed to help students who do not initially meet university entrance requirement because they lack the necessary prerequisite course work. Our courses typically cover content from year 11/12 in high school. The content taught over two years of high school is condensed into a single year in our online foundation courses. Although these are types of bridging courses, they take longer to complete as the content is in-depth as most people in the online foundation courses have not previously taken these courses.

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